Handcrafted Skin Care

When I turned 40, my skin was problematic and I wasn’t happy with the way my body felt. I have since changed my diet and my lifestyle. Previously Vegan, I am now adding meats and animal fats in my diet. I have also discovered that my skin feels its best when I use animal fats on it. It had been feeling dry and undernourished. For the past couple of years, I’ve tried different products from high-end, low-end, organic, mainstream and nothing made it feel that great again. The Korean Beauty Regime came close to making my skin feel better but it lacked something I couldn’t pinpoint. I decided to try animal fats on my skin and immediately, my skin soaked it all in. Not only did it feel nourished, moisturised, and hydrated, it also didn’t feel like crepe paper anymore. I got my tribe of testers to help me and they confirmed that my experience was not a one-of.

My skin has visibly improved within months by the simple addition of fats both internally and externally.  Look at my hand whipped face cream (above right)!

I have discovered that animal fats with its 50% saturation are indeed more compatible to my skin cells than any vegetable fats, including coconut oil. Nothing compares to how animal fats make my skin feel. Not only does it help keep in moisture, but it also helps smooth out my skin. I have had a few spots slowly disappear too. I have asked friends to try my animal fat serum, balm, and cream and they have had the similar results. It worked so well on their own skin that some have treated their children’s eczema and diaper rash with my new serum too.

Here is how I use my products:

I keep a very small amount of these skin care products. 

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Face Cream 1.5 oz $22.50

Unscented. Organic and non-GMO tallow, beeswax, and extra virgin olive oil. For face, lips, and other dry areas of the body. A small amount goes a long way so this will last a long time.

Plain Peppermint Lip Balm $6

Pink Peppermint Lip Balm $6

Both are made with organic and non-GMO tallow, beeswax, cold-pressed avocado oil, castor oil, peppermint essential oil. The raspberry lip balm also contains lip-safe mica.

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