Lard & Tallow

What to do with kitchen drippings? Create lard and tallow soaps with fantastic results!

These are hardier, more moisturizing, and lather up more than Castile soaps.

I like to explain it this way: they are equally gentle on skin

but if Castile soaps feel MILKY, then animal based fats feel CREAMY.

Pure Bacon Fat Soap

Saponified Bacon Grease. No hormones, no antibiotics.

$6.00 per approx. 4 oz.

This is PERFECT for the kitchen where washing hands is constant. If you think pure olive oil soap feels milky, bacon fat soap is oh-so-creamy and gentle. Although I do have repeat customers who use this as a bath soap, I would not recommend it because of the smell. If you are particular like me, then I would recommend my other soaps with essential oils.

4 left.

Amber Crystal


The amber scent is my favourite scent of all my soaps. An amber crystal has been added as part of the design of the soap. Although the crystal is hard when you first use the soap, the crystal will soften and melt afterwards as soon as it touches water.

A customer says: “My soaps arrived and last night the shower was fragrant with amber. Love the amber fragrance of the soap. So exotic yet clean and fresh. Love that soap and it feels so good on my skin. Cut it in half so I can use half, use half of another time!”

Saponified olive oil, lard, and coconut oil, phthalate-free fragrance oil, mica, amber crystal.

If you want small ones, there are still some Castile versions available.

$10.25 per approx. 5 oz.

Mama in the Kitchen’s Skin Care Routine: Charcoal Soap, Serum, Essential Oil, Cream.

Unscented Charcoal Facial Soap

Saponified high quality tallow and olive oil, activated charcoal, and clay. No fragrance.

This bar changes in appearance.

$9.50 for 2 oz.

Gypsy Rose

Saponified Bacon Grease and Tallow, fragrance oil, spices and mica for colouring.

This bar does not contain coconut oil and is very mild on the skin.

$8.00 per 5 oz.

4 left.

Ice Pop Bars

Saponified Bacon Grease and Tallow, mica, fragrance oil.

$4.50 per 2.5 oz.


Saponified tallow and coconut oil, essential oils, spirulina, and mica.

$12 per 4.75 oz bars

1 left.

Lemon and Charcoal

NOW a Bastile mixture with lard to make a harder more moisturizing soap! This is my second favourite soap these days.

Masculine in aesthetics. The scent is mild and fresh. If you have acne or bumps, this soap is for you. I made this initially for my brother who complained of acne on his back and arms. It disappeared after using this soap.

Another customer says: “Okay I have been using this soap since Thursday and it is incredible. I wish I had taken a before picture so that y’all can see the difference but I have always had red bumps on my chest and under my arms really bad and it is completely clear for the first time in my life I do not have red bumps under my arms and on my chest. I’m a Believer.”

Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, and lard, activated charcoal, lemon peel, essential oil.

$9.90 per approx. 5 oz.


Lemon Coconut

Cleansing with wonderful lather (and without the activated charcoal like the bars above). This is actually my (and my husband's) current favourite bar!

Saponified bacon grease, tallow, and coconut oil, lemon peel, and lemon essential oil.

$8.50 per approx. 4.75 oz.

2 left.


Perfect to lift your mood with this holiday leaf design.

Saponified organic tallow fat, coconut and olive oils, patchouli essential oil, mica.

$14 per approx. 6 oz.

6 left.