Soap Feedback

Okay I have been using this [Lemon Charcoal] soap since Thursday and it is incredible. I wish I had taken a before picture so that y’all can see the difference but I have always had red bumps on my chest and under my arms really bad and it is completely clear for the first time in my life I do not have red bumps under my arms and on my chest. I’m a Believer. ~M.B. ~

Hi Carissa – Your soap was wonderful for my hands, better than anything I have used before. Before the soap, I dreaded hand washing, because it took multiple applications of different stuff to get the skin of my hands “calmed down” again. With your soap, hand washing became a nourishing skin treatment. I have waited way too long to contact you, and the sample has all been used. The skin on my hands is going downhill, so I really hope you have some soap available now. ~C.R.~

Your soaps are so good. They are so velvety and smooth. I feel like royalty when I shower now. I feel so spoiled. Luxury is what I always feel when I have my shower with it. ~M.L.~

Such a wonderfully pure fragrance–have to decide which one to try first! I really like your packaging. I love the aesthetics as well. ~D.O.~

Update: I’ve been using the Greek soap—so soothing! ~D.O.~

Just received my first order from Mama In the Kitchen. All soaps are gentle on the skin and perfect for eczema or just sensitive skin. Packaging is professional and very classy, perfect for gifts. I got a Sandalwood scented one and some fun Star Wars soaps. ~ R.J.~

[My son] is excited to shower tomorrow and I’m excited to try out my soaps too! Thanks so much.

I am in love these beautifully crafted soaps…leaves me feeling so good after every use. ❤ ~ M.G.~

Thank you! I just love the Lavender Fields Soap. I can feel the oil. It’s not like other soap after you rinse your skin does not feel smooth. I love the feel of this one. ~T.S.~

Got my soaps today! They are great. [My son] is looooving them. He wants to wash his hands with them “every morning and every night” ha. ~J.D.~

I got it today! It’s amazing! I love love love everything you make! I will be ordering more for sure 🙂 beautiful. ~M.G.~

I love your soaps. Thank you. ~K.O.~

I am using the English Rose soap now. It is beautiful and I am enjoying it. It’s lovely. ~J.C.~